GM Daryl.
For a long time I have been a dancer and I believe in myself, my values & beliefs and it was amazing to realize that at your level of expertise, you share the same values. The self-evaluation assessment was however something that I did for the first time in my life coz here in Kenya we don't dig that deep for dance. In fact the entertainment industry undermines dance leaving the dancers discouraged since event planners sometimes default payments or most often underpay dancers.

The Me Nobody Knows was about initiative and still is an eye opener for everyone to invest in themselves regardless of these prevalent challenges. Personally, writing down what I believe in and my personal affirmatives makes me Dance for a bigger purpose and I am sure all who attended saw the bigger picture in self-belief and appreciation. On the other hand, sometimes we don't know what it is to be a great dancer. The solo dance activity is/was a creative manner of encouraging individuality in dance.

Therefore, mixing up versions of dance creates a whole new idea that different have distinct connotations such that they can be used in storytelling via dance. I am glad to have worked with you; For you, emotional well-being was your priority for a performer while identification of goals helps one acknowledge their "big reason why" for pursuing consistent courses of action towards self-fulfillment.
I am looking forward to working with you again God-willing.

Have a Blessed Day.


One thing I will always thank Sir Ezekiel Mutua (CEO at Kenya Films Classification Board and local partner and sponsor to the Broadway Extravaganza) This opportunity has given me the chance to be part of this life changing experience. Meeting and getting to learn from the best I have met so far in life. Same dancer who worked with the likes of the King of pop, the late Michael Jackson. 

This is the closest I have gotten to dreams that were only fantasies growing up. Growing up, being at this level of dance where I get to work with Broadway (which I grew up admiring and only fantasizing about) is a dream come true. The day I heard that Broadway is coming to Kenya my hair literary stood up on my head. I had an insane expectation of pressure. I had a million ideas of what would be required of me as a dancer to have the chance to be this close to Hollywood (a life or dreams come true for 98% of the artist's spectrum worldwide). Its amazing how passion aligns itself with great gifts in life, meeting Daryl has most definitely been the largest one of those so far in life. She is just a cocktail of greatness. A mother, a superb dancer, a great mentor, the best friend one can ever ask for and above all, the icing on the cake. A gospel minister.

The "ME" NOBODY KNOWS DANCE WORKSHOP was a three day workshop but felt like three years of a dream come true. Each minute was precious. Aside from dance, this workshop stretched my abilities in ways I had never imagined would work within three days. Being a malty talented individual but shy, this pushed me to step out of my shell and embrace the art, the crowd and my inner craving force in desperate need for attention and recognition. 

This was my first time ever of just letting loose and being me in from of a crowd and that opened me up in ways I never thought I would. The first ten seconds of presenting in from of a huge were the hardest and the most mind boggling in my life but the other two minutes remaining were the best. And I didn't want to get off stage afterwards and get on there with every other single chance I got to be noticed. It’s amazing how my confidence went from -5% to 176% within an instance. All I want now is for the world to see what I have to show.

Thanks to Daryl Richardson. 






Hi Daryl

I want to take this opportunity to just thank you for the workshop that you hosted in Kenya a while back. 

For me I got to learn some principles and lessons that I couldn't get anywhere in regards to my work field (Dance).

I learned so much through your book entitled "The Me Nobody Knows". I got to learn some principles and values on how to discover and package myself as an artist. I chose to apply what I learned through the book and now seeing results. 

I'm glad now that I'm able to see results in my career. The whole workshop and lessons that I learned there made me start my dance company called THEDANCEBOXX

I had this idea like five years ago and didn't know how to go about and package myself. But after going through the workshop and the book, I finally learned lessons that eventually made me start building and executing the idea that I had. 

Thank you so much Daryl for sharing and depositing so much in me. You were such a blessing to me. 

Kind regards, 

Patrick Ndunda.



I am Esther Musau From Kenya. I really would like to thank Mom Daryl.  You helped so much through your dance workshop “The Me Nobody Knows" 

Your passion gave us (dancers) the strength of even doing the impossible. Through you we have learnt the best we have ever been taught. 

We miss your presence here in Kenya come back soon we will really appreciate it. 

The tears, moments, moves can never be forgotten. Come back soon and empower other Youth in Kenya. we need you Mommy.


With regards, 

Esther Musau

Liz's Testimony

Liz attended my Dancing w/ Daryl Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya and she along with all of the students received my mentoring work study book entitled Mentoring The Me Nobody Knows and Sandra Allen's book The Anointing of the Queen. She sent me this video of her experience and I was so moved and I am honored to have impacted her life in such a positive way. Love & miss you Liz!

Kelvin's Testimony

Kelvin attended The Me Nobody Knows Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya and once we began the Dancing w/ Daryl portion of the workshop I noticed his dance ability and the passion in which he expressed himself. kelvin is also a model and an actor so I would categorize him as a triple threat. I wish you the best in all of your endeavors. If you can believe it then you can achieve it!

Hello, my name is Caroline Mumbi Wangui I'd like to take a minute or two to express my never ending gratitude for all that you have been and done for us. This is just to say a big thank you for everything. I wish that given the opportunity you could come back in time so we may return all the love you gave  away. The dancing experience was awesome, and I want to do it more often. You really changed my life in a good way. I need you back mommy, we all need you back mom. I Love you so much and Cheers to us.